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GL1000 Parking Lot Striping Guidance Laser

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Laser Guide for Walk Behind Stripers

The GL1000 was specifically designed for walk behind line striping machines. This new method is a game changer in the parking lot striping industry. It eliminates pulling string lines and chalk lines!

  • Up to 50% increase in productivity (Restripes and new jobs)
  • Better quality work (Makes anyone look like a pro)
  • Works great Day or Night
  • Universal mounting to adapt to virtually ALL walk behind paint stripers
  • OSHA compliant

U.S. Patents: (9,644,331) (10,202,726) & (10,597,832)


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4 reviews for GL1000 Parking Lot Striping Guidance Laser

  1. Chad James Everhart

    Game Changer! We could not have kept up with the increase in work load this past summer without these lasers! They not only allowed us to complete twice as many jobs this season but our guys were not physically exhausted from snapping chalklines and moving string lines all day long. We have several systems mounted on our Gracos and I have just ordered another set-up to mount on a Titan Hydraulic unit. Mike was very easy to work with and helped me get everything set up just how I needed it.

  2. Chaz Torres

    Would never have a painter without this set up! The guys at Laser Line MFG are some of the best to work with. I personally have worked with them for the past 6 years and they have always went above and beyond the expectations with their customer service! keep up the good work!

  3. Mark Estrada

    This is the best thing that has happened to pavement markings since the line driver. When innovation explodes production, it’s a fantastic, undeniable scene. We added the GL systems to our outfit 5 years ago, and never looked back. The rugged design along with simple controls makes the learning curve very easy for beginners, and lots of fun for the veterans. Thank you team Laserline for the years of Exceptional quality and service!

  4. Dan Faulk

    This makes striping so easy, it’s almost like cheating.

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“Since we installed the laser we are NO longer using string line or chalk lines. This has greatly reduced the amount of labor and has improved our finished product.”



“These have done nothing but help our quality and speed up our striping operation. We are very pleased with this product.”


“This laser is AWSOME!” Saves 50% labor for restripe jobs. Striped 1000 lines in 4 hours!”



“My company recently purchased the GL1000 after seeing the demo over at NPE. It looked like a cool product, so we took the chance. And oh man, it has exceeded our expectations. Not only did our productivity increase, but the overall quality of the finished product has been flawless. The GL has made us look at Striping in a whole new way. From New layouts to Re-Stripes it has a use. It also has become an effective learning tool for our new guys…Not to mention, it’s really cool when you get customers or other Stripers stop in their tracks just to check out your awesome laser!”
“I could go on and on about this product.”



“We love our GL1000! It saves time, improves accuracy, and is a quality unit. The new adjustable mounting system is a great upgrade, and makes fine adjustment a breeze.I can’t speak highly enough of after sales support and advice!
Great product, solid company behind it.”



“The GL 1000 is the real deal! If you are a one person operation, the GL1000 will make those new layouts something to look forward to instead of dreading. No more dragging around weighted buckets to hold the other end of your chalk strings. You can now be as efficient as any traditional multi-person operation. For the larger companies, the GL1000 will definitely save you money and time.”



“I purchased the GL1000 several months ago and was having problems with getting it aligned. I called LaserLine and they promptly sent out a new mount for the unit making the initial alignment much easier. A lot can be said for a company that immediately takes care of its problems and they were there to insure that I was happy with the product.
As far as the product itself, I do a lot of airport work where long lines are required and the GL 1000 with the shadow box eliminates pulling strings. Being in Florida with our bright skies, the shadow box is still able to produce the laser line. Great product that not only improves your lines but also speeds your production up.”



“All I can say is, wow.  It’s refreshing to use and own a quality product that actually does what it’s supposed to. I only used it for about 5 hours, but I cannot imagine not having it from this point forward.  Been painting lines for a long time and yesterday I painted some of the straightest lines I ever have (with tremendous ease). I was also able to correct a 300-car parking lot full of crooked and misaligned parking rows.  We then worked into the evening/night and I was able to use the laser on the ground which was neat.”

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