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Quad 1000 Precision Plumb Laser

Perfect solution for high rise jobs, towers, elevator shafts, smoke stacks or virtually any job requiring zenith-vertical control

The Quad 1000 is a 5 arc second zenith laser featuring electronic servo self-leveling with variable temperature compensation for the most accurate and consistent readings.
The Quad 1000 provides a downward shooting plumb laser for getting over your point, upward zenith laser to 1,200 feet (366m), one button operation with LCD display and up to 140 hours battery life.

  • Accurate
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Long Range


The Quad 1000 plumb laser mounts to any 5/8×11 standard flat head tripod.

Special trivet mount gets the Quad 1000 five inches over your reference point, for fast and stable set-ups.

The base of the Quad 1000 plumb laser features built-in centering notches to align the laser over your point when placing on the deck.



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Long Range Plumb Laser

The Quad 1000 plumb laser projects a precise laser beam straight up (Zenith) to 1,200 feet/366m for the purpose of providing plumb control for your project. It also features a short range downward shooting laser beam that is used like a plumb-bob or optical tribrach to easily get directly over your point.

Easy To Use

The Quad 1000 is a self-leveling plumb laser with electronic temperature compensation. It measures or senses ambient temperature changes while in operation and continually recalibrates itself to maintain the highest degree of accuracy possible. This insures consistent, accurate readings for plumb control on your project throughout the course of the job.


Ultra bright target template with laser pass through for the most visable and precise readings. Special hard coat overlay to protect target face. Notched to act as a template for floor layout position of Quad 1000.