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GL3000P Remote Controlled Road Striping Guidance Laser

The GL3000 Series Guidance Lasers use an ultra-high visibility green laser to establish visual line control

The GL3000P Guidance Laser uses an ultra high visibility green laser to establish visual line control for the vehicle driver. Used for highway paint striping, asphalt distributors, road wideners, pavement profilers, or virtually any application requiring vehicle line control. GL3000P model is for truck cab mounting.

The driver can adjust the laser spot to the desired reference point on the road surface using the remote control panel located in the cab of the vehicle. The laser spot is impacted directly on the road surface approx. 30 feet ahead, showing the driver-operator exactly where the vehicle is relative to “on line.” The laser spot is on the road ahead of the operator so that the reference is in the driving field of view instead of a T.V. screen or boom pointer.

GL 3000P Advantages

It’s more versatile, easier, faster and SAFER!

✓ You are looking in your natural driving field of view at the reference point.
✓ You can reduce or eliminate pre-marking and the high cost associated with it.
✓ Eliminates using a boom and the problems associated with it such as bouncing on rough surfaces, safety and the mechanical size and constraint of the mechanism.
✓ SAFER! Paint up to intersections without the worry of injury or damage to people or other vehicles caused by a mechanical arm extending out in front of the truck.
✓ Eliminates having to drive looking at a T.V. screen instead of the road. Reduces or eliminates the problem of “white-out” in low sun conditions.
✓ Greatly increases the machines maneuverability. You can move your reference on the fly from the cab – aim the laser spot further out, closer in, left or right.


P/N 3000 0001 Main housing is waterproof, purged and dry nitrogen filled, contains optic plate mounting platform, microprocessor electronics, laser, laser mounting assembly, laser driver board, automatic cooling heating system, X&Y positioning control mechanism, driver motors and optics.

P/N 3000-0008 Interconnect Control Cable: 25 foot waterproof mil spec in line connector mounted between the laser main housing and the control panel mounted in the cab.

P/N 3000-0006 Control Panel A llows the operator to turn the unit on and off as well as aim the laser toward or away from the vehicle as well as left and right from inside the cab. Includes; 15 feet of 12 v olt DC cable running from the control box for connection to 12 volt vehicle power.

P/N 3000-0435 Laser Enhancement Glasses: Cuts down on glare and enhances the visibility of the laser spot for daytime use.

P/N 3000-0080 Owner Operator’s Manual


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Includes: GL3000P laser, remote control box, 25’ interconnect control cable, laser enhancement glasses, owner’s manual & 24-month Warranty

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