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Quad 4000 Layout & Control Laser


The Quad  4000 long range layout and control laser system with LineLokr Technology enables you to square your job, control elevation, snap your lines and plumb a structure with just one person, using just one laser, from one setup. The Quad 4000 was designed from the ground up to provide accurate layout and control functions while at the same time being easy to use. LineLokr Technology is the cornerstone of the system for layout, Line control, squaring and plumbing. The LineLokr communicates with the Quad 4000 laser automatically driving the laser to centerline and holding it there all day long up to 600 feet. Line, and therefore 90 degree square and plumb will not drift off because it is always being monitored and corrected back to line using LineLokr RF signal communication.

  • Horizontal level control covering a 1,500-foot radius
  • Horizontal level accuracy within ± 1/16 inch per 100 feet
  • Baseline accuracy using LineLokr within ± 1/16 up to 600 feet
  • Squaring accuracy within ± 1/16 inch per 100 feet
  • Plumb control to within ± 3/32 per 100 vertical feet
  • Laser Plummet through the center of the laser, allowing you to easily get over your point (NO Offsets)



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