GL3000PMC Wing Plow Guidance Laser Reviews

"Our feedback has been all good so far . . . .  We had about five trucks outfitted last year and we had zero wing accidents with that.  In previous years, we've had anywhere from two to seven wing accidents with anywhere from $1,000 to $19,000 in damage . . . .  A wing accident . . . can cost up to $10,000 depending on what they get into with the wing.  We feel like [the lasers] can probably pay for themselves . . . so we are going to deploy quite a few more this year."

Dave Bierschbach
Assistant Administrator for Maintenance
Washington State Department of Transportation
(As quoted in The Bend Bulletin, December 14, 2008)


"We installed the [LaserLine GL3000PMC Wing Plow Laser] due to a high number of accidents with our wing plows hitting fixed objects.  These incidents resulted in costly repairs for equipment damage and critical equipment down time.  A number of our hit objects involved highway hardware fixtures, such as guardrail end treatments, which could be fairly costly dollar- and time-wise to repair.  The laser shows our operators in advance where the edge of the wing is going to be so they can avoid hitting an object."

"The laser enables our operators to focus out in front of them where they need to be driving rather than in the side door mirror trying to see where the wing already is which is too late to avoid a fixed object.  Since installing our lasers, we've experienced a significant reduction in our hit-object accidents, which has exceeded my expectations in reducing our equipment down time and costly repairs due to these types of incidents."

"Our newer and less experienced operators rely extensively on the wing plow laser as they gain valuable in-the-seat operating experience and our seasoned veteran operators depend on them the most when something out of the ordinary is in front of them or when working a section of highway that they don't know or are not comfortable in."

Cecil Rench
Maintenance Supervisor
Washington State Department of Transportation


The LaserLine GL3000PMC Wing Plow Laser is "a big help [because it allows me to plow] right on the edge of the curb without being worried. . . .  I know that I'm not going to tear off my wing or hit a sign or anything."

Mark Turkal
Veteran Snowplow Driver
Iowa Department of Transportation
(As quoted in The USA Today, November 30, 2008)


"The wings that we put on our plows are about $10,000 to $11,000 apiece [and the LaserLine GL3000PMC Wing Plow Laser] might be able to help us save any damage to a wing, any damage to a bridge or other devices."

Dennis Burkheimer
Winter Operations Administrator
Iowa Department of Transportation
(As quoted in Trucking News, December 5, 2008)