GL3000PMC  Wing-Tow Plow Guidance Laser

The SAFER way to plow!  Reduces damage caused by wing strikes by 90% or more. The GL3000PMC Guidance Laser uses an ultra-bright green laser-spot to establish a wing plow or tow plows trailing edge location before you get there. The laser-spot impacts on the road/snow surface ahead of the truck in the driver's normal field of view, showing the driver where the plow trailing edge will be. The GL3000PMC laser is electronically designed for both cold and hot weather operations, so it can also be used in the warmer months for alignment like the GL3000PM. (Paint striping trucks etc.)


GL3000PMC Wing-Plow guidance laser


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Pictures of GL3000PMC Wing Plow Guidance Laser installations.

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Courtesy of Digital Instruments Canada, Inc.