Heavy Duty Downward Vertical Control Laser for Mining and Tunneling Shaft Alignment

“The long range solution for vertical shaft alignment”


The QUAD 1000 HDD provides a downward shooting vertical laser for plumb control in the harshest environments

  • Accurate:  ±5 arc seconds (± 1/32 inch per 100 feet) (.793mm per 30.48 meters)
  • Long Range: Provides plumb control to a depth of 2,500 feet (762 meters) from original set up point. Can be moved down and reset as depth requires.
  • Rugged: Heavy duty ¼ inch thick aluminum housing with hard coat anodized finish
  • Dust and waterproof: Purged and dry nitrogen filled with IP67 rating


4003-0001 QUAD 1000HD LASER With Trivet Expld.JPG