Quad 1000 Precision Plumb Laser

The perfect solution for applications such as high rise jobs, towers, elevator shafts, smoke stacks or virtually any job requiring zenith-vertical control.

The Quad 1000 is a 5 arc second zenith laser featuring electronic servo self-leveling with variable temperature compensation for the most accurate and consistant readings.

The Quad 1000 provides a downward shooting plumb laser for getting over your point, upward zenith laser to 1,200 feet (366m), one button operation with LCD display and up to 140 hours battery life.

  • Accurate

  • Versatile

  • Easy to use

  • Long Range


Precision Vertical Plumb Laser Quad 1000



Quad 1000 Precision Plumb Laser Features



QUAD 1000 laser on tripod


The Quad 1000 plumb laser mounts to any 5/8x11 standard flat head tripod.



QUAD1000 plumb laser on trivet

Special trivet mount gets the Quad 1000 five inches over your reference point, for fast and stable set-ups.

QUAD 1000 plumb laser on ground


The base of the Quad 1000 plumb laser features built-in centering notches to align the laser over your point when placing on the deck.