GR Series  Direct Reading (Lenker Style) Grade Rods

Laser or optical. These grade rods are the number one seller in the USA, and there's a reason — Tremendous Quality. Tough, lightweight, and versatile, our direct reading (lenker style) rods bear the true test of quality in the field, and hold up exceptionally well. Choose from our large selection of lengths and increments in tenths, metric, and inches.

UB-1 Universal Bracket: Works with virtually all receivers. Click here for PDF.

4-Foot Rod Extension: Allows you to extend the rod in 1-foot increments up to 4 additional feet. Click here for PDF.

GR1000 Series - Laser Version

GR1000 Laser Version Grade Rods

GR 1450 Series - Laser Version

GR1450 Laser Version Grade Rods

GR10 Series - Optical Version

GR10 Optical Grade Rods

Carrying / Storage Bags: Sturdy black cordova nylon with strap.

Grade Rod Storage Bag

Carrying / Storage Bags
Sturdy black cordova nylon with strap, velcro flap and pocket for bracket and detector.1000-1301: 10-foot • 3-meter
1000-1302: 15-foot • 5-meter