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"NEW"  GL1000 - Walk Behind Guidance Laser

GL1000 Walk Behind Laser

FINALLY a Laser Guide specifically designed for Walk Behind Stripers!

  • Faster and straighter
  • Eliminates string line and chalk lines
  • One man operation
  • Increases productivity
  • OSHA compliant


"NEW"  QUAD 1000 - Precision Vertical Plumb Laser

QUAD 1000 Vertical Plumb Laser

Perfect for high-rise jobs, towers, elevator shafts, or any job requiring vertical control

  • Measures plumb up to 1,200 feet!
  • Automatically self-leveling


GL3000PMC - Wing-Tow Plow Guidance Laser

GL3000PMC Wing Plow Guide LaserThe safer way to plow!
Uses an ultra-bright green laser-spot to establish wing plow trailing edge location before you get there.
Cuts damage caused by plow strikes by 80 to 100%


GL3000P - Guidance Laser with Remote In-Cab Line Adjust

GL3000P Guidance LaserAdjust the laser to desired reference (Forward, back, Right and Left)
No More Booms
No more Cameras
Reference on the Fly
It's More Versatile, Easier, Faster and Safer!


GL3000PM - Manual Control Guidance Laser

GL3000PM Guidance Laser
This Guidance Laser uses an ultra bright high visibility green laser to establish visual line control. Great For Paint Gun Carriages, Road Wideners, Pavers, Profilers, Road Grinders, Water Blasting Trucks, etc.


T-2000 Series Transiting Base Lasers 

T2000SD Base Laser

High power, long range alignment laser for applications such as:

Conveyer Alignment
Offshore dredging, etc.



Direct Reading (Lenker Style)
Grade Rods

Direct Reading Grade RodsThese Lenker Style Grade Rods feature a moveable tape face allowing you to set the actual benchmark elevation, or any elevation, above or below the bench into the rod
16 laser or optical versions to choose from!


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